24 Hour Maintenance
Superior Industrial Services substantial fleet of specialized equipment includes forklifts, lifts, boom trucks, and welders. This equipment facilitates SIS’s reputation for rapid turnaround and off-hour emergency response. When labour and equipment need to reach the job site SIS has the staff to make it happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rotalign Service & Precision Optical Alignment
Superior Industrial Services has trained and experienced technicians on our staff to optically align and level your production equipment. In many cases, a well aligned production line will result in increased production, a better product and less rejects. To better increase your productivity, SIS uses a variety of optical tools to accomplish these results.

Plant Shutdowns
Superior Industrial Services has the man power and resources to inspect and refurbish your plant during plant shutdowns

Co generation Plant Jet Engine Installation & Repair
Superior Industrial Services has highly trained specialists who have the ability to both install and service your co-generation plant jet engine needs.