Designing with Paper Mills in Mind 

The challenge for many calendar applications in paper mills is to maintain the lowest RA (Roughness Average) or highest surface quality for the steel rolls. When the steel rolls accumulate contaminants, the RA values rise.

Conventional doctor systems may not be able to bring the RA values back down to optimal levels; hence paper surface quality parameters diminish (Gloss, Smoothness, etc.). Eventually these contaminated steel rolls must be removed for grinding to restore the RA values. For St. Mary’s Paper, these rising RA values meant producing a lower quality SCA sheet on their (3) OptiLoad Supercalenders.

To return the sheet surface properties (gloss, PPS-10, DOT skip, etc.) back to their optimal values, St. Mary’s Paper required a solution that would reduce the RA values back to the “out of box” after grinding state. Conventional Doctor Systems may not remove the “stickies” and other build-up; but not the persistent “haze” nor would they return the steel rolls to their mirror-like finish.

Paper Mills can be rest assured that a product now exists that will optimize the surface qualities of their sheet continuously to their highest levels and that they need not remove their steel rolls for grinding as much as in the past.

Our Roll Scrubber is a low-cost alternative to some of the manual type approaches that Paper Mills currently use. Specifically, with this type of technology installed either in the Paper Machine (Dryer Cans) or on the Calendars (Offline or Online) machine downtime will be greatly reduced and sheet surface properties maximized.


Creating Cost-Effective Solutions for Steel Mills

Producing quality flat rolled steel requires all systems operating properly and consistently. In the pursuit for improved surface quality and to provide the cleanest strip possible, most steel material is wet-rolled at the temper mill. However, this introduces the risk of solution carryover, with subsequent solution staining observed in the finished coil.

Superior Industrial Services Inc. has obtained a wealth of experience and expertise in roll conditioning and doctoring within the paper industry. To address the same concerns observed during our experiences in paper mills, Superior Industrial Services Inc. has developed a patented Roll Scrubber technology that uses a continuous scrubbing technology that allows the rolls to be clean and polished in-line.

The roll scrubber has been designed to address the build-up of contaminates on steel rolls that can increase the RA values of the roll, increase the susceptibility to solution carry-over, all of which can consequently have an adverse effect on strip surface quality.

With removable scrubber pads designed for each application, the continuous 24/7 actuator scrubbing system will maintain the Steel Rolls at their peak performance and keep their RA values at a minimum. Each scrubber is custom-designed specifically to fit into any mill process. Specifically, the scrubber is installed at the exit-end of the temper mill, customized to fit the full-with of the steel roll and would incorporate the integrated vacuum system to remove contaminants and wet-temper solution.

Steel mills can now have the same benefits as Paper Mills by both reducing downtime and increasing the quality of both the steel rolls and the finished product. Please contact us for a trial run or our Roll Scrubber in your mill.

Protected by US Patent: #7,465,374 B2