Committed to Improving our Products

Since the SIS Roll Scrubber was developed a few years ago, operations have ran very smoothly with the installation and operation of Roll Scrubbers in Paper and Steel mills across North America.

With the ever expanding market, SIS has decided to implement a Prototype and Development Centre at our Main Office in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This centre will enabled us to develop and improve our Roll Scrubbers so that they are up to the highest standard in both the Paper and Steel industry.

Our Prototype and Development Centre includes both Steel and Paper mill scrubbers mounted on either side of 51” steel roll. This will enabled our engineers to determine ways to increase the cleaning ability, and pad efficiency on both types of scrubbers. Our continued partnership with 3M Canada will allow both our engineers, and their products specialists to determine and test pad materials in real world situations right inside our head office. This relationship has been critical to our success with this great product that is already in many Paper and Steel mills across North America.

The Prototype and Development Centre includes both Steel and Paper mill versions of our Roll Scrubber. Within the PDC the Paper mill version includes a transparent beam so that all residue being scrubbed off the roll can be seen. The Steel mill scrubber includes it primary feature in the back-up rollers. Should the scrubber pad wear down to its minimum and close to the head of the scrubber, the back-up rollers will kick in to ensure that the scrubber head never comes into contact with or damages the roll itself.

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