The Roll Scrubber is a continuous oscillating low applied pressure actuator that scrubs and polishes all type of steel rolls.With the removable applications specific scrubber pads, the continuous 24/7 actuator maintains the steel rolls at their peak performance and keeps the RA values at their minimum. Each roll scrubber is customized to cover the complete face width of the steel roll which restores the optimum sheet surface qualities and extends the steel roll life on the optiload supercalendars.


The Roll Scrubber uses a unique combination of shape and construction that produces a polishing action that requires only minimal pressure for operation. The pad material for the Roll Scrubber can be specifically chosen for each application to meet the particular requirements for each application. The shoe is connected with a pivoting head to provide flexibility for roll contour. The polisher continuously cleans the full working length of the roll during normal mill operation, while an oscillator provides vibration to increase the cleaning ability of the unit. The residue is then vacuumed through the scrubber pad and into an AIREX dust collection system.


  • Improved RA values
  • Less downtime for grinding of steel rolls
  • Reduced costs for grinding steel rolls
  • Improved Surface Quality
  • Restored Optimum running conditions
  • Applications for Steel Rolls


  • Continuously cleans and conditions roll surface
  • Integrated vacuum system is an option for removing contaminants
  • Custom designed for each roll size and geometry
  • Oscillates for improved cleaning
  • Application specific polishing pads
  • Replaceable cleaning pad


  • Online – Dual line Calendars
  • Offline – Dual line Calendars
  • Soft Calendars
  • Machine Calendars
  • Dryer Cans


  • Application Specific Polishing Pads
  • Pad bulk does not diminish, yet filler buildup exists.
  • Mill either vacuums or replaces pads depending on the situation and downtime
  • Integrated Vacuum System with Suction Blower for enhanced operation.


Protected by US Patent: #7,465,374 B2