SIS Manufacturing is committed to ensuring that reasonable and responsible consideration is given to the protection of the environment. We strive to ensure that our operations are in compliance with applicable environmental legislation through pollution prevention practices for the continual reduction and control of environmental releases and wastes.

We recognize and understand situations that can be a risk to the environment. We have developed day-to-day procedures to avoid these situations and have planned for emergencies associated with such risks.

At SIS Manufacturing, we have developed relationships with environmental management partners to ensure legislation compliance as well as promote training and future development at all levels of our work. We expect the same level of environmental standards from our suppliers and associates.

Along with these demonstrations, the SIS Manufacturing offices have also changed to become more environmentally friendly. From the use of energy efficient lighting, to recycling as much material as possible, our offices are continually becoming more environmentally friendly.

It is not only important to us to create an environmentally sound work place, but to work with the community to ensure that noise pollution, and any environmental questions are answered before they become an issue.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention activities include recovery, re-use and/or recycling of:
Scrap Steel, Scale, Wood, Water, Copper/Brass, Mercury Lights, Steel Barrels, Printer and Toner Cartridges, Paper, used Batteries, Waste Oil, Metal Parts (Maintenance)