SIS Manufacturing produces high quality steel beams to the strictest dimensional requirements in a variety of grades. With one of the most sophisticated plate mills in North America at our back door, SIS Manufacturing is capable of acquiring rolled plate up to 75mm (3″) in thickness, and up to 3850mm (152″;) wide. Coupled with our state-of-the-art welding gantrys, high speed CNC plasma and flame cutting machines, and technical support in application design, SIS Manufacturing provides our customers the competitive edge.

SIS Manufacturing’s Welded Special Shapes (WSS) provide designers with maximum flexibility in selecting optimum structural steel section for their specific application.

Special Shapes are available in an extensive range of profiles including asymmetric, singly symmetric and doubly symmetric I-shapes, and T-Shapes. These products can also be produced with depths which vary along the length, thus providing the ideal member profile. Hybrid sections are also available, with different steel grades used in the flange and/or web. Upon negotiation, and subject to mill capabilities, these shapes are available in steel strengths levels 230 Mpa to 700 Mpa (33-100 ksi).

Special welding requirements, such as full penetration welds for dynamically loaded members can be accommodated up to maximum web thickness of 16mm (5/8″). Supplementary testing including X-ray, ultra-sonic, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant is available for critical end uses subject to negotiation and acceptance.

Special production requirements, such as camber or extra-long sections can also be accommodated. Cambering is available up to 200mm (8″;), while spliced sections can be produced up to 30500mm or (100′;) in length.