Leading Hydraulic Machine Shop in Northern Ontario

Founded in 1993, HS Machine Shop is a leading hydraulic and machine shop in Northern Ontario. Our reputation is a testament to our team’s experience, dedication and delivery of quality industrial services for over 24 years. Consistency in our product quality is ensured by the rewarding, safe, and environmentally sound workplace in all sectors of the company.

As a complete solutions provider for several industrial companies, we are proud to offer professional fabrication, hydraulic and machining services.

HS Machine Shop offers a full service set to suit the needs of large and small industries alike.  Offering a modern workshop; and a highly-trained team of machinists, hydraulic repair personnel, and certified  welders—we are proud to provide solutions for your company.

HS Machine Shop means quality workmanship and dedicated 24-hour service. Our experienced trades people, coupled with innovative state-of-the-art equipment, has allowed us to set the industry standard for response, craftsmanship and performance. HS specializes in servicing the needs of the expanding and changing manufacturing industry. We can repair all of you hydraulic needs

HS Machine Shop is Equipped to Meet Your Needs:

  • General Machining, CNC Machining & Milling Services
  • Cylinder Repair, Manufacturing, and Testing
  • Design and Troubleshooting
  • Pump, Motor, and Valve Repair
  • 24 Hour Field Response
  • Hydraulic Product Sales and Pneumatic Components

HS Machine Shop have worked along with The SIS Group on many projects including:

  • Plant Maintenance and Shutdowns
  • Machine Parts Replacement and Repair
  • Fabricating Equipment and Attaching Components
  • Beam Detailing and Layout Work

Our Values

To be the best, companies need to acquire and retain the best people while creating a culture that fosters higher levels of teamwork. In the field or at our offices, we work together in consistently bringing our core product, the best service, to our customers day in and day out.

In striving to provide a competitive atmosphere while emphasizing the importance of solidarity among our workers, we are able to continually grow and sustain a competitive advantage over our peers in the same industry.

By maintaining our original vision of delivering quality products and services, we are able to continuously deliver quality services, while keeping a sense of teamwork on each and every project we work on.

A Team Approach

A success of any organization comes from a solid foundation of teamwork and a commitment to a culture that supports it.

We continue to push each other to the higher limits of workmanship, quality, and solidifying relationships with our outside customers and within the company.