Our commitment to safety is based on a working environment that places a priority of safety on the individual, while empowering each person to take ownership in their role; embracing safety excellence along the way.  Our goal is to provide superior performance in the delivery of products and services to our customers, while raising the bar on safety. As a member of industrial Accident Prevention Association (IAPA), we are continuing to learn innovative ways to enrich the knowledge of our workers; though leading by example from the top down and by making each employee their own boss in the name of safety.

Primary attention is given to safety considerations in all work performed. We do not just look at safety as another job site task, but as a very serious task that must be looked at from the job site to the office. This can be seen in our decision to have a full time Health & Safety Coordinator on our staff. Our safety policy involves provision of safe working conditions, development and use of safe working procedures and proper training programs.

This objective is paramount in the minds of management at SIS Group, and goes hand and hand with a sincere recognition of our responsibility.  No job is put before the safety of our workers. Nothing is to urgent that time cannot be taken to make sure it is done in a safe manner.  It is recognized that a safe environment can be established and sustained only through a united effort by all employees and the assistance of each person is required.

Each level of management from the Manager, to Supervisors:

  • Is responsible to his superior for activities and results in Accident Prevention
  • Has authority to correct, instruct, and determine courses of action
  • Has accountability, which will be constantly measured to ensure compliance with this policy

The final responsibility is for management to uphold all safety policies, it is followed out through: review of injury frequencies, accident investigation, safety meeting minutes and inspection reports.

It is everyone’s job to promote accident prevention and assist in achieving the goal of making HS Machine Shop a better place to work.